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Core Grease Range


TotalEnergies has been a recognized player in the development, production and marketing of a full range of high-performance Lubricating Greases for over 50 years.

As the 4th largest lubricant producer and 5th largest marketer of greases globally, we offer high quality greases meeting the increasing demand for technological advanced greases and bringing solutions in a fast-changing and challenging environment.

With 9 specialized grease manufacturing plants, strategically located all around the world, TotalEnergies provides products and services to all market sectors including automotive, mining, earthmoving, transport, agricultural, machinery and more.

Through continuous and bold development, TotalEnergies is a market and technology leader for Calcium Sulfonate Complex greases with its Ceran patented flagship range, supporting and helping its customers to increase their productivity and to save on maintenance and downtime costs.

Strengthened by our close technical and commercial relationship with major OEM’s such as bearing and mining equipment manufacturers, and tier 1 automotive suppliers, we are recognized as a partner of choice. Constantly moving forward, we are developing with key players the greases of the future tailored for demanding applications in all market sectors.

To find out more about TotalEnergies Grease offer, please see our core range of greases below*.

*The Core Grease Range features a selection of TotalEnergies grease offer. To find out more about the comprehensive range of greases available for specialized applications, contact your local representative.


Your Constraints

  • High cost of equipment failures and shutdowns
  • Cost reduction pressure to reduce grease consumptions & increase maintenance intervals
  • Severe operating conditions: water, corrosion, wide range of operating speeds, extreme temperatures and heavy loads, dust and particles in the environment
  • Compliance with stringent environmental, hygiene and safety regulations

Our Solutions

  • High quality greases to satisfy your increasing performance demands
  • Increase equipment reliability and operation performance
  • Reduce operating and maintenance costs through less machine downtime and longer lubrication intervals
  • Mitigate any potential harmful effects to the environment and to your end-customers



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Lithium complex grease

Designed for the lubrication of a variety of applications in all types of equipment and high operating temperatures.

Suitable as a general-purpose grease for industrial applications requiring a NLGI 2 grade Extreme Pressure grease.


  • The range of applications for this product are extensive, allowing stock rationalization and simplification of machine maintenance.
  • MULTIS COMPLEX EP 2 fulfils the requirements of most automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers.


  • Wheel bearings, conveyors, electric motors, chassis, fixed plant, high temperature, general greasing, mobile plant.

Lithium complex grease

A multi-purpose grease, specifically formulated for the lubrication of all types of bearing applications including slide, ball, roller and wheel bearings.

A medium viscosity Extreme Pressure grease.


  • MULTIS COMPLEX HV 2 forms a lubricating film which is durable, and resistant to water, temperature variations and contamination.
  • This product has a higher base oil viscosity.


  • Wheel bearings, conveyors, chassis, fixed plant, high temperatures, general greasing, mobile plant.

Premium Mining, Off-Road, and Industrial Lithium complex grease, containing a high viscosity base oil and 5% solid lubricants

A specially designed grease to handle the lubrication demands of equipment used in the mining industry.

This product contains 3% MoS2 and special friction modifiers.

This product is recommended for the lubrication of slow-moving bearings, chassis parts, gears and couplings in automotive and industrial applications

Suitable for:

  • CAT/Bucyrus SD 4711
  • P&H 520
  • Liebherr greases specifications
  • CAT multi-purpose 3% moly requirem.



  • Suitable for a variety of equipment allowing optimization of products on site.
  • Provides longer lubrication intervals thanks to its enhanced mechanical stability when compared to simple lithium greases.


  • Pins and bushes, mobile and fixed plant, high temperatures, plain bearings and slow bearings under severe or shock loads.

Water-resistant calcium sulfonate complex grease

A grease that is suitable for the lubrication of all kinds of components that are subject to high loads, shocks or working in conditions where the grease is in frequent contact with water (including seawater).

Suitable for the lubrication of continuous casters and rolling mills in steel plants, bearings in wet and dry (felt rolls) sections of paper mills and all industrial applications under severe conditions.

This product is suitable for use in centralized greasing systems.


  • CERAN XM 220 has outstanding performance even at high nDm where it maintains all product benefits such as corrosion protection, bearing life, high loads, and thermal resistance.
  • This product has excellent anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion properties thanks to the excellent behaviour of the calcium sulfonates, even in the presence of seawater.


  • Wheel bearings, conveyors, electric motors, chassis, wet environments, fixed plant, extreme temperatures, general greasing, mobile plant.

Calcium sulfonate complex grease containing 5% solid lubricants

Recommended for the lubrication of slow moving bearings including highly loaded rolling element bearings subject to shock loads and high temperatures.

CERAN XM 220 MOLY is suitable for the lubrication of all kinds of components subject to high-loads, shock loads and working in conditions where the grease is in frequent contact with water (including seawater).


  • This product has remarkable load resistance thanks to its naturally high extreme pressure and anti-wear properties as well as the presence of MoS2.
  • CERAN XM 220 MOLY has extraordinary water resistance - no significant loss of consistency is observed even with high amounts of water entering the grease.


  • Pins and bushes in wet environments, extreme temperatures, plain bearings and slow bearings under severe or shock loads