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For over 40 years, ELF MOTO motorcycle lubricants have provided motorcyclists with the high-performance lubrication their bikes demand. With a history grounded in competitive motorsports, ELF MOTO motorcycle oil is produced to an exceptional level of quality, making sure that motorbikes work their best with complete efficiency.

Motorcycle oil provides lubrication to safeguard components and improve engine performance. From laboratories to racetracks and the open road, TotalEnergies' range of ELF MOTO motorcycle lubricants have been developed to support every bike and rider. They are the product of decades of innovation, driven by partnerships with some of the greatest figures in motorsport.

ELF MOTO oils ensure the engines and components of motorcycles, quad bikes, ATVs, scooters and mopeds can perform their best. Making sure they are protected from deposits, wear and corrosion, reducing maintenance costs and providing long-lasting peace of mind.