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Motorcycle gearboxes operate under extremes of pressure and heat and must be able to operate precisely and smoothly. To do so, they require high-quality lubrication that delivers the best possible ride – a challenge that TOTAL ELF MOTO motorcycle gearbox oils are perfectly optimised to solve.

The ELF MOTO motorbike gearbox lubricant range protects gears and components from corrosion, wear and oxidisation while having good cold-running properties thanks to their excellent thermal stability. All gearboxes are covered too, thanks to the wide range of oil grades available

Previously TRANSMISSION DUAL 9 FE 75W-90
TRAXIUM DUAL 9 FE 75W-90 is a high performance synthetic gear oil recommended for synchronized or non-synchronized manual gearboxes, axles and reduction gears that call for API GL-4, GL-5, MT-1, SAE J2360 or MIL-PRF-2105E and MIL-L 2105 D.It is particularly recommended for many passenger vehicles as well as trucks such as DAF, IVECO, MERCEDES, VOLVO, KENWORTH, RENAULT and MACK .It is also recommended for reducing the temperature in rear axles that are operating at high temperatures due to severe loads. It's special fuel economy formulation is proven to provide improved fuel economy compared to standard gear oils.



TRANSTEC 5 80W-90 is a mineral API GL-5 differential oil suitable for transmissions, final drives and Hypoid differentials that call for an API GL-5 SAE 90, 85W-90 or 80W-90 gear oil.

MOTO GEAR OIL 10W-40 is a Synthetic fortified gear oil and is ideal for gearboxes of 2 stroke motorbikes where an engine oil is recommended even with a wet clutch. MOTO GEAR 10W-40 provides precise gear shifting and smoothness even when cold. 10W-40 is recommended by most major 2-stroke motorcycle manufacturers.