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Developed to ensure telescopic forks and hydraulic shock absorbers provide the smoothest, safest journeys, ELF MOTO motorcycle fork oils use the latest in lubrication technology. Available in a range of grades, the completely synthetic oils cover all makes and models of motorbikes, both on and off-road.

ELF MOTO fork lubricants fight against rust, corrosion and wear thanks to a range of innovative additives, are low-bubbling with fast de-aeration to prevent foaming and have extended service lives.


MOTO FORK OIL is specially formulated from selected "hydraulic quality" mineral oils together with additives to protect from wear to meet the requirements of all different types of motorcycle telescopic forks and hydraulic shock absorbers. It is available in SAE 10W, 15W and 20W viscosity grades.

MOTO FORK OIL SYN is a fully synthetic fork and shock absorber oil specially formulated with specific additives to provide high levels of wear and corrosion protection as well as strong foam resistance. It is fully compatible with the seals used in motorcycle forks and shocks. Being synthetic MOTO FORK OIL SYN maintains its properties for a long consistent service life. It is available in SAE 2.5W, 5W and 10W viscosity grades.

FINADET CITRUS is a highly effective citrus and water based hand cleaner. FINADET CITRUS is formulated with polymer beads and skin conditioning ingredients designed to effectively clean and condition hands. It is free from hydrocarbon based solvents. FINADET CITRUS has a neutral pH and a citrus fragrance that leaves hands clean and refreshed.

FINASOL WR is a blend of high aromatic solvents and effective surfactant soaps resulting in an effective general purpose water rinseable solvent capable of the removal of the toughest grease and grime. The Quick Break formulation readily separates water and oil. FINASOL WR is ready to use and should be applied undiluted by brush or spray then hosed off.