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ELF MOTO brake fluids for motorcycles keep braking systems working effectively and safely, even when they’re pushed to their limit. Synthetically formulated, all TotalEnergies’ brake fluids are highly viscous at extremely hot and cold temperatures, lubricate well under stress and are thermally stable, protecting brake systems from corrosion and wear.

All brake fluids are completely compatible with rubber brake system components too, and work efficiently to extend drain intervals, lowering motorcyclists’ maintenance costs.

High performance brake fluid conforming to DOT 4 requirements as well as many OEM requirements.

HBF 3 is a DOT 3 brake and clutch fluid that is suited for all systems requiring and DOT 3 brake fluid. It is fully miscible with all other DOT 3 and DOT 4 synthetic brake fluids. HBF 3 is not miscible with mineral based fluids (LHM) and silicon based fluids.

MOTO BRAKE FLUIDE DOT 5.1 is ideal for motorcycle braking systems operating under the harshest conditions and particularly competition as well as regular road use. MOTO BRAKE FLUID DOT 5.1 meets the requirements of FMVSS DOT 5.1 (DOT 5 silicon free) and will mix with other DOT3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 but not DOT 5 (silicon) or mineral fluids.