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Privacy and Cookies

1. Purpose of this Privacy Policy

Because, in its business activities, Total Oil Australia ABN 15 149 501 922 ("TOA") receives, collects, uses, stores and discloses personal information, TOA recognises the importance of the privacy of personal information and its compliance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) and the Australian Privacy Principles ("APPs").  TOA has developed this Privacy Policy to explain how it will handle and manage the personal information that it collects (except for employee records, which are subject to a separate internal privacy policy).

TOA collect, uses and discloses personal information (other than employee records) in accordance with this Policy. 

For more information concerning the application of the APPs and your privacy rights, go to the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner at


2. What personal information does TOA collect?

"Personal information" is any information about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

TOA collects personal information that is reasonably necessary to conduct its business;  namely, the marketing and sale of finished lubricants either directly to or via distributor and agents to the end consumer. Marketing includes engagement with the (potential) consumer to advance the sale of finished lubricants. This includes:

  • a person’s name, address, occupation, job title and contact details (address, phone numbers and email address);
  • information related to the person's professional life (such as [professional bodies]);
  • other personal information a person may disclose to TOA in relation to TOA's business operations, or which is contained in communications between TOA and a person (eg, complaint details, queries, etc);
  • details from a person's employment application to TOA, such as qualifications and employment history.


3. How does TOA collect and hold personal information? 

TOA usually collects personal information in the following ways:

  • directly from a person, either in person, by email or phone, via TOA's website or from documents provided by the person to TOA; 
  • from third parties, such as TOA's business associates, joint venture partners, clients, contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, business counterparties or employers; 
  • from TOA's related companies(such as Total Société Anonyme corporation (TOTAL SE)); and
  • from publicly available resources.


4. Why does TOA collect personal information?

TOA receives, collects and processes personal information for the purpose of its business activities including:

  • managing its in-house contractors; 
  • managing its relationship with the third parties;
  • providing information to persons regarding its business activities;
  • assessing applications for employment;
  • operating its websites; 
  • conducting marketing activities, including promotions and competitions, by phone, email, post, SMS, website or a combination of these; and
  • meeting its legal obligations.
  • You may visit some of the TOA’s websites anonymously, and, on some occasions, you may be able to deal with TOA anonymously or using a pseudonym in relation to a particular matter.  However, if you do not provide us with certain personal information, TOA may not be able to provide you with the relevant product or services that you want or respond to your query.


5. To whom does TOA disclose personal information? 

TOA may disclose personal information for the purpose for which it was collected or for purposes described in section 4 above, which may include disclosure to the following:

  • TOA's related companies (including TOTAL SE); 
  • external service providers (on a confidential basis) so they can provide TOA with services related to its business, for example mailing services, IT services, data storage, archive services and marketing services; 
  • TOA's legal representatives and auditors;
  • other parties referred to in section 3 above;
  • regulatory authorities where such disclosure is required by law or for TOA to comply with its legal obligations; or
  • others to whom we have the person's consent for such disclosure. 


6. Direct marketing and opting out 

TOA may use and disclose personal information for sending direct marketing communications, by email, post, SMS or phone, depending on the contact details it is provided.  If individuals do not wish to receive direct marketing material, they can opt out at any time at no cost by writing to TOA's Privacy Compliance Officer at the contact details set out below, or by following the instructions in the marketing communications received from TOA. 

TOA will only disclose a person's personal information to a third party so the third party can send marketing communications to that person where it has that person's consent to do so. 


7.Overseas disclosure of personal information

Some of TOA's related companies and affiliates, and the third parties it deals with (including service providers), are located outside of Australia, and TOA may from time to time disclose personal information to recipients located in other countries (including France and Singapore). 

TOA will take reasonable steps, before disclosing personal information overseas, to ensure the overseas recipient does not breach the APPs in relation to that information, unless there is an exception to this requirement, such as where the overseas recipient is located in the country that TOA reasonably believes has privacy laws that are at least equivalent to the APPs and there are mechanisms that can be accessed to enforce the protection of those laws (which includes member countries of the European Economic Area, such as France). 


8.Security of personal information

TOA holds personal information in a combination of electronic and hard copy files.  We may store personal information with one or more third party data storage providers.  

We may combine personal information we receive with other information we hold about you.  This includes information received from third parties.  

We take all reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we hold is protected from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure by the use of various methods, including password protection and secure storage. Where we store personal information with a third party data storage provider, we require them to keep it secure and only use or disclose it for the purpose for which it was provided.

Please contact us immediately if you become aware or have reason to believe there has been any unauthorised use of your personal information that we hold. 


9.How to access and correct personal information 

Everyone has a right to access and to seek correction of their personal information that TOA holds about them (subject to certain exceptions in the Privacy Act). 

Anyone who wishes to request access to or correction of their personal information can email, phone or write to Total at the contact details below. 

TOA will respond to all requests for access to and correction of personal information free of charge. However, TOA may need to charge a reasonable fee for providing access if a significant amount of work is required to locate and provide the information.  TOA will also need to verify the person's identity before giving access or correcting their personal information.  TOA will respond to such requests in a reasonable time, usually within 21 days.

TOA will generally correct personal information on request or if it is otherwise satisfied the information is misleading, inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, irrelevant or misleading. If TOA refuses to correct personal information in response to a request, TOA will: 

  • notify the person in writing of its reasons for refusal (unless it would be unreasonable to do so) and how to complain about the refusal; and 
  • at the person's request, record a statement indicating that the person believes their personal information is inaccurate, incomplete, out-of-date, irrelevant or misleading (which will appear to the users of the personal information).


10. What are TOA's website (including cookies) practices?

TOA is not responsible for the content or material contained in, or obtained through, any third party website or for the privacy practices of the third party website. TOA recommends that the privacy policy of each website that is visited by a person be reviewed. 

When you visit TOA's website, a ‘cookie’ may be installed in your computer. A cookie is a file that records information about your browsing of the website from that computer (eg visited pages, date and time of browsing, viewed links) and will facilitate your visits by making it easier and faster for you to identify yourself to access your target pages. 

You can delete cookies installed on your computer at any time and prevent new cookies being saved and receive notification before installation of a new cookie, by configuring your browser software.  Please refer to the help section of your browser software for more information on how to activate and deactivate these functions. Please note that you may not benefit from some of TOA's website services if you uninstall a cookie or prevent cookies from being installed on your machine. 

Which cookies are installed?

There are different types of cookies that may be used, some of which are detailed in the tables below. When cookies require your prior consent to their installation, you are asked to consent through the banner displayed on the front page of the website, which states that navigation of the website indicates your acceptance.


Data controller cookies




Site (has_js)

Contains information about the browser session and allows visitors to log into the website

Removed when the browser is closed

Site (cookie agreed)

Remembers a visitor's choice regarding cookies

 13 months



Third party cookies

Cookie editor




Score Card  Research Beacon

Allows Share this to see how many visitors come to the site

2 years


Allows sharing on Miscellaneous Social platforms
click on the “Opt Out” button for advertising cookies

__unam (9 months)
__stdlxmap (7 days)
__stgmap (7 days)
__stid (24hours)
__uset (24hours)
STPC (24hours)


Allows and records the opening of the satisfaction form about the site

To opt-out please contact [email protected]


7 months


Allows display performance


Removed when the browser is closed


Records ID’s for sharing on twitter

Through your profile, go to your Security Settings page and uncheck the box under the promoted content section.

18 months


Records ID’s for sharing on facebook        

scroll down to the "Choice" heading, click the last "click here" link in the paragraph, and fill in your information.

2 years



Statistics cookies

Cookie editor





Allows to see how many visitors come to the site and how often

7 months


What are statistics cookies?

Statisitics cookies enable us to measure the number of visits, the number of page views and the activity of visitors on the website, including their return rate. 

Your IP address

Your IP address is also collected to determine from where you connect. It is immediately rendered anonymous when you leave the website, which prevents your identification as a physical person. The statistic data concerning the site traffic is first collected by the service provider AT Internet and then returned to the data controller in an aggregated and anonymous format, through a web interface that only the data controller can access. This data will not be transferred to third parties or used for another purpose. At any time, you can block those cookies by using the “opt out” process at


11. Personal information originating from TOA's affiliates in the European Economic Area (EEA)

In the course of its business activities, TOA will, from time to time, receive personal information from its parent company, TOTAL SE, or from other affiliates established in France or elsewhere in the EEA. In order to be able to receive such personal information, TOA must comply with certain requirements governing the transfer of personal information originating from the EEA to entities outside the EEA. Consequently, and in addition to the principles in this Privacy Policy, TOA applies specific rules to personal information it receives from its affiliates and which originates from the EEA. A simplified version of these rules is available on the TOA Group's website (at


12. Complaints or queries

If anyone has a complaint or question about how TOA has handled their personal information they should contact TOA at the contact details below. TOA will need to verify their identity and will consider and respond to any complaint notified to it (generally within 21 days). TOA will always endeavour to resolve any complaint to the complainant's satisfaction. However, if a person is not satisfied with TOA's response, they can contact the Privacy Commissioner's office on 1300 363 992 or by email to [email protected].


13. TOA's contact details

TOA's Privacy Compliance Manager's contact details are:

Tel: +61 (0)3 9861 8600 during business hours 
E-mail: [email protected]  
Total Oil Australia
Level 2, 415 Riversdale Road 
Hawthorn East VIC 3123
Attention: Managing Director


14. Changes to this Privacy Policy

This is TOA's current General Privacy Policy outlining its personal information management practices. TOA may vary this Policy from time to time. Any changes to this Policy will take effect from the time that they are posted on the website: