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TotalEnergies offers a range of excellent motorcycle lubricants suitable for 2 and 4-stroke engines. From modern, high-performance racing and leisure bikes through to road bikes used day-to-day, our ELF Moto engine oils offer engine protection for all motorcyclists, and because they’re produced with TotalEnergies' latest synthetic oil technologies, they guarantee clean running and maximum power, whatever the oil grade.

The range has been developed and put through its paces alongside the Kawasaki Racing Team WSBK and the MotoGP Marc VDS Racing teams, ensuring exceptional performance on road and track.

Both two and four-stroke oils have exceptional oxidation resistance at high temperatures, prevent the formation of deposits, contain additives to thicken oil at high temperatures and maintain their fluidity at low temperatures. This helps them protect components from wear, even in high-speed, high-pressure or high-load situations.

What’s more, ELF MOTO also meets High-Quality Motorcycle Engine Oil Conception for Fuel Saving, Japanese Automotive Standard Organisation, International Organization for Standardization, and American Petroleum Institute standards, ensuring complete dependability and complete quality.

MOTO 2 OFF ROAD is a Synthetic based 2 stroke engine oil that meets the requirements of API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD. It is recommended for the majority of 2 stroke motorcycles either with a separate oil tank or mixed direct into the fuel. MOTO 2 OFFROAD is also recommended for use in chain saws, brush cutters and other air cooled equipment that requires a 2 stroke engine oil.

MOTO 2 RACE is a 100% Ester Synthetic 2 stroke motorcycle oil intended for motorcycles used in competition. Its formulation is designed to burn without deposits being formed even in the harshest conditions. As it is does not contain a diluent it must be mixed with fuel and is not suitable for use where a separate oil tank is used.

MOTO 4 CRUISE 20W-50 is a mineral oil based 4-stroke motorcycle oil that is qualified to API SL and JASO MA2 making it ideal for Bikes and Quads with a wet clutch.

MOTO 4 ROADSTAR 10W-40 is a Semi-synthetic SAE 10W-40 4-Stroke engine oil qualified to API SL and JASO MA2. It is ideal for all types of performance motorcycles or quads with or without a wet clutch where an SAE 40 grade oil is desired.

MOTO 4 TECH 10W-50 utilises synthetic technology to meet the performance of API SN and JASO MA2 making it ideally suited for all types of high performance 4-stroke motorcycles and quads with or without wet clutches. The active synthetic technology oil keeps the engine cleaner and the broad SAE 10W-50 viscosity range assists in handling extremes in temperatures.

MOTO 4 TWIN TECH 20W-60 features synthetic technology and has been specifically developed for larger twin cylinder engines. It satisfies the requirements for API SL, JASO MA2 and SAE 20W-60. It's higher viscosity can

MOTO 4 RACE 10W-60 is a fully synthetic SAE 10W-60 4-Stroke engine oil qualified to API SN and JASO MA2. It is ideal for all types of performance motorcycles where an SAE 60 grade oil is desired especially in severe duty where a higher viscosity is desired due to high engine temperatures. MOTO 4 RACE 10W-60 is perfect for use in motorbikes or quads with wet clutches.

MOTO 4 SCOOTER is a synthetic based SAE 10W-30 motorcycle oil that meets the performance of API SL and JASO MB making it ideal for a variety of motorcycle scooters with automatic transmissions ensuring smooth changing of gears.