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Engine Oil Lubricants range

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Quartz: Driving lubricants innovation for all types of engines

Quartz deals with the demands of a diversified customer base every day. From motorsports teams and top racers to real-life experts, such as manufacturers and mechanics, our oil is tailored to meet all customer needs.

Quartz engineers have capitalized on 70 years of experience to design formulas with unprecedented molecular interactions. Each product contains specific hyperactive molecules that create the desired effect: Quartz series are empowered with the newest technologies.

Thanks to a long history of bold R&D, our Quartz engine oils exceed even the most demanding requirements of car manufacturers.
Quartz products are tested and approved by Major Automobile Manufacturers (Original Equipment Manufacturers – OEMs).
These product approvals are the official guarantee proving that Quartz products are 100% compatible with the equipment and technology of these related manufacturers.

Quartz engine oils not only enhance engine cleanliness, boost engine protection but also improve fuel efficiency1.

1 When dedicated “Fuel Economy” products are used.

Discover our state-of-the-art technology

3 reasons to believe in Quartz.

Discover our state-of-the-art ranges

Behind our trade-names

Find out more about our products trade-names and their different meanings.

Quartz engine oil range > Quartz Xtra range

Xtra range

Quartz Xtra is the new top-notch range designed for the latest downsized and hybrid engines.

Quartz Xtra benefits from the innovative Eco-Science technology.

Eco-Science technology improves engine life and efficiency, optimizes engine care and lowers fuel consumption. In other words, Quartz Xtra engine oils with Eco-Science technology not only remove impurities and protect engines, but also provide additional benefits such as significant fuel economy and optimal engine care for maximized performance.

Quartz Xtra range, the (r)evolutionary range

Empowered with the newest recycled and recyclable bottle.

50% recycled plastic

With Quartz Xtra range, we aim to reduce the use of plastic by using better alternatives such as recycled content and recyclable plastics. HDPE (High-density polyethylene) is the most common type of plastic with a high strength-to-density ratio. Generally used to make different types of bottles and containers, HDPE is also the main component of our cans of lubricants.


TotalEnergies Lubrifiants is thriving in a changing world and is introducing a breakthrough packaging innovation: A new bottle designed with 50% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable as many times as possible. Waste materials are recycled into secondary raw materials without changing the basic structure of the material.
The recycled resins come from a recycling unit where the waste is grinded, sorted and transformed into platinum granules (recycled plastic). These recycled granules represent 50% of our innovative packaging.

Launching this new bottle for Quartz Xtra series made in Europe, is an essential step towards creating a true circular economy for plastic packaging. This introduction of recycled plastic drives a reduction of virgin plastic creating a virtuous circle.

Quartz Xtra, the (r)evolutionary range right down to the packaging!

* Bottle made with 50% recycled plastic and 100% recyclable: cap excluded.

Quartz Xtra is composed of 2 sub-ranges

Quartz Ineo Xtra, for vehicles equipped with particulate filters.

Quartz 9000 Xtra, for vehicles not equipped with particulate filters.

Quartz Xtra, pushing Fuel Economy further.
Quartz Xtra, the perfect fit for Hybrid engines.

Quartz Xtra range prerequisites are amongst the most stringent

Quartz Xtra range is characterized by its fluidity and exceptional fuel economy properties which make it a perfect fit with the most recent engines, especially for hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid compatible

Xtra Fuel Economy performance1

or more fluid grade

Low Saps
(and Normal Saps)

OEM2 claims

Ultimate Protection against oil oxidation

1 Up to 4,01% Fuel Economy. Based on the ACEA M111 Fuel Economy test. Result for Quartz Ineo Xtra Dynamics 0W-20 compared to the industry reference as defined by the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA).
2 Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Discover our new Quartz Xtra range in videos

Quartz Xtra, pushing Fuel Economy further!

Quartz Xtra, the perfect fit for Hybrid engines!

Quartz Xtra products, pick yours!

Quartz Ineo Xtra Products

Quartz 9000 Xtra Products

Total EcoSolutions logo

Ecosolutions label by TotalEnergies:
62% of the products in the Quartz Xtra range
carry the Ecosolutions label, which is certified by an independent body
based on extremely rigorous specifications and manufacturing processes.

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Quartz Engine oil range > Quartz Ineo range

Quartz Ineo range

Quartz Ineo is our top tier range specially formulated for vehicles equipped with particulate filters, and more largely recommended for all vehicles equipped with post-treatment systems.

Quartz Ineo range, with Age-Resistance technology offers unbeatable engine protection. Its unique combination of hyperactive molecules creates a strong thick oil film on all concerned engine parts. Engines are absolutely protected against a variety of challenges, from wear to oil oxidation even at extreme temperatures.

Quartz Ineo range prerequisites:

Ultimate Protection against oil oxidation

Fuel Economy performance 1

Advanced Synthetic

Low Saps

OEM2 claims

1 When dedicated “Fuel Economy” products are used.
2 Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Quartz Ineo products, pick yours!

Quartz Ineo Products

Quartz Engine oil range > Quartz 9000 range

Quartz 9000 range

Quartz 9000 is our top tier range composed of products designed for vehicles not equipped with particulate filters, offering a wide scope of use. Quartz 9000 products are developed to provide your engine with the highest level of protection, performance and durability.

Quartz 9000 range relies on the exclusive Age-Resistance technology. Quartz 9000, with Age-Resistance technology provides ultimate protection against mechanical wear or extreme temperatures, and outstanding engine performance throughout its lifespan, even under frequent stop and start conditions.

Quartz 9000 range prerequisites:

Ultimate Protection against oil oxidation

Fuel Economy performance1

Advanced Synthetic technology

Normal Saps compatibility

OEM2 claims

1 When dedicated “Fuel Economy” products are used
2 Original Equipment Manufacturers

Quartz 9000 products, pick yours!

Quartz 9000 Products

Quartz Engine oil range > Quartz 7000 range

Quartz 7000 range

Quartz 7000 is our range of semi-synthetic products, providing effective and impeccable engine cleanliness.

Fighting against major causes of breakdowns, Quartz 7000 with Clean-Shield technology is the oil of choice across the globe to guarantee engine cleanliness during the entire drain interval and after oil change.

Quartz 7000 range prerequisites:

Advanced Cleanliness, even in extreme conditions

Normal Saps compatibility

Synthetic technology (Semi-synthetic)

OEM1 claims

1 Original Equipment Manufacturers claims.

Quartz 7000 products, pick yours!

Quartz 7000 Products

Quartz Engine oil range > Quartz 5000 range

Quartz 5000 range

Quartz 5000 is our high-performance technology engine oil range, developed to provide advanced cleanliness.

Quartz 5000 range relies on the Clean-Shield technology. Thanks to advanced detergent molecules designed to capture and isolate dirt such as sludge and soot, Clean-Shield technology keeps engines clean in the long term.

Quartz 5000 range prerequisites:

Advanced Cleanliness

Normal Saps compatibility

Excellent temperature resistance

High-performance technology

Quartz 5000 products, pick yours!

Quartz 5000 Products

Quartz Engine oil range > Quartz 3000 ranges

Quartz 3000 ranges

Quartz 3000 are our competitive high-performance technology engine oil ranges compliant with API International Standards and suitable for hardworking engines.

Quartz 3000 range prerequisites:


Multigrade and monograde engine oils

Quartz 3000 products, pick yours!

Quartz 3000 Products

Quartz Future series

Quartz X000 Future series is specifically developed to cope with API and ILSAC sequences.

Our Quartz Future series covers products in our Quartz 5000, Quartz 7000, Quartz 9000 and Quartz 9000 Xtra ranges.

Quartz Future series is composed of three sub-ranges:

Quartz X000 Future GF6: (previously GF51): Products with strict API SP / ILSAC profiles

Quartz X000 Future XT: Products with Ford homologations

Quartz X000 Future FGC: Products with Ford and GM dexos1™ Gen3 homologations

1 Quartz X000 Future GF5 will be gradually phased out in 2021.

Quartz products with API indication

Quartz products with API indication in their trade-names have a strict API profile.

Quartz 4000 SL is strictly API SL(/CF)1 without any homologations

Quartz 3000 SJ is strictly API SJ(/CF)1 without any homologations

1 (/CF) when applicable, according to local formulations.

Quartz X000 VS Quartz X000 Energy

Quartz X000 Energy products cannot carry French homologations (PSA, Renault…), and are mainly developed to satisfy German OEM (German profiles).

Quartz 9000 5W-40 or Quartz 9000 Energy 5W-40

Quartz 7000 10W-40 or Quartz 7000 Energy 10W-40

Amongst the existing products, here are a few explanations:

Quartz Ineo FGO 5W-40 and Quartz 7000 FGO 5W-40: FGO stands for French German OEM

Quartz Ineo Xtra EC6 0W-20: EC6 stands for European C6 (European profile, ACEA C6)

Quartz Ineo DID 5W-30: DID stands for Direct Injection Diesel

Quartz Ineo HTC 5W-30: HTC stands for High Temperature Countries

Quartz Ineo ECS 5W-30: ECS stands for Emission Control System1

1 Respect for the environment: “ECS – Emission Control System”: lower CO2 emissions and other pollutants. As well as improving the efficiency of the Particulate Filter.